General Services

As low as $5 in town for Vehicle Batterys, Tires, Electronics, etc...

As low as $20 in town for TVs, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Washer/Dryers, Computers, etc...

As low as $225 in town for an entire truck load!

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Tires can be recycled. Shoes, playground equipment, and brake pedals were once tires
Depending on the type of refrigerant it has (R12 or R134a) the gases can be recycled.
Ammonia gas is sometimes used in an appliance and is environmentally friendly.
CRT monitors and Televisions contain toxic lead and mercury components.
Please don’t pollute our earth. I support everyone’s effort to recycle.
Wood Services
The price for home heating oil is steadily rising. With freezing winter temperatures, the use of firewood is the economical way to go. On a lazy summer night it is also great to gather around a fire. Pallet-wood is the best kindling and earned the name “Gasoline Wood” with my customers because it burns hot. Stock up in the off-season with a discount, it is the best deal around. Hardwood-cut lengths are sold with availability.
Season Rate (October 1st until March 31st)
$45.00 per scrap pallet-wood box
Off-Season Rate (April 1st until September 31st)
$35.00 per scrap pallet-wood box

Pallet Disposal
Shipped in as useful, they served a purpose. Shipping pallets are unpleasant to look at and
they are a headache trying to get rid of. They are bulky, broken, and keep accumulating.
I will deliver your pallets to people who need them or provide others with firewood.
Disposal Charge per discarded pallet

Cardboard Removal Service
Brown Cardboard removal is available with weekly/bi-weekly service to your business.
With the pick up of any discarded items this service is free of charge.
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